Love how you feel. Positive energy creates a feeling of warmth and happiness. Using Feng Shui techniques and modern design elements, I seek to create imagery and spaces that will calm and delight, becoming your true personal sanctuary. 

Indoor plants purify air and stimulate the feeling of being in nature. Plants soften straight lines and angles, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere where everything curves and flows. Decorating with plants is a lovely way to improve air quality. Indoor plants are like good friends ~ they enhance peaceful energy and they help to promote inner growth and abundance. 

Mirrors are amazing for expanding interior spaces and creating more light. In feng shui, mirrors represent the water element and bring flowing energy and calm into a space. By arranging a mirror to reflect something you like ~ such as art, plants or a special area: the mirror will multiply the energy of that which it reflects. Keeping mirrors clean will enhance their beneficial effects.

The bagua is used in Feng Shui as an energy map of your home or business. The bagua map can be applied to the layout of any space. With the guidance of the bagua ~ elements such as earth and wood; and other natural elements like color, texture, plants and mirrors are paired for pleasing effects. These positive intentions and lucky Feng Shui treatments create a vibrant and uplifting energy in an interior environment.
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