Feng shui is an understanding of nature, that this earth and our environments are alive and filled with chi or energy. Translated to English, feng means wind and shui means water. Feng shui helps to balance and harmonize energies in any given space, assuring happiness, health and good fortune.​​​​​​​
Indoor plants are great feng shui ~ they purify air and stimulate the feeling of being in nature. Plants soften straight lines and angles, creating an atmosphere where everything curves and flows. Decorating with plants is a lovely way to improve indoor air quality and enhance peaceful energy, inner growth and abundance. Plants are delightful feng shui enhancements.
Mirrors in feng shui can expand a space and create more light. Mirrors are represent the water element and bring fresh energy and calm into a space.  
The bagua is a feng shui energy map of your space. To apply feng shui treatments for positive benefit, the nine areas of the bagua need to be defined. Using the bagua map above you can see how the layout of a space affects nine key areas of your life. 
Determining the bagua helps by treating spaces with beneficial colors and natural flow. Once the bagua layout of a space is defined, feng shui treatments including mirrors, plants and colors can be applied to enhance love, family, creativity, wisdom and prosperity. 
I use custom feng shui treatments including lucky colors, plants and furniture arrangements. I collaborate with my clients to bring their visions to life, creating spaces that resonate a feeling of warmth and happiness. I would love to bring inspiration + joy + comfort to your business or home space. 
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