My creativity utilizes many mediums, including photography, digital art and interior design. As a reflection of my never-ending curiosity and love for new experiences, I seek to create images and interior spaces to capture and reflect the beauty of life. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon surrounded by deep, green forests and open sky. My path has allowed me to travel internationally and collaborate with many people.
Art is for me both a passion and a motivation, presenting a way to see the world with new eyes. I combine my experiences and perceptions into something that allows others to be alive and awake to the world in their own way as well. I am designer and co-owner of 18th & Plum Interiors with my partner, Chaz Windus. We believe that each person has a need and desire for relaxing and cozy environments that feel welcoming and inspiring: 
I have experienced many highs and lows in my life, and have found tools in which to heal both myself and others. I bring calming energy inspired by ancient feng shui techniques into the spaces that surround me, and I seek to bring that calming beauty into the spaces I create for clients. I see everyday life as our ultimate canvas, every moment an opportunity for inspiration.
I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, focusing in Architecture, Contemporary Art and New Media. My artwork is exhibited in museums and galleries including the de Young Museum, Pacific Film Archives and Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. My collaborative digital art and photo editing has appeared in global magazines such as New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Oprah Magazine, Wired, Men’s Health Magazine, and The New Republic, among others. 
I am creating all of the time, including the time I spend with my hobbies: photo collaging and scrap booking, spending time with my dogs, walking in nature, taking care of my indoor plants and making ever-evolving and eclectic musical playlists.

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